Project “Improving uptake of contraceptives within post abortion care in Transnistria”

IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: April 1st 2017 – March 30th 2018

DONOR:  Safe Abortion Action Funds

PROJECT GOAL: To increase contraceptives uptake, with special accent on LARC, in post abortion period for adolescents and women from social vulnerable groups.


  1. To increase the competency of abortion services’ providers (doctors and nurses) in offering counselling on family planning and the post abortion contraceptive method based on women’s choice. A special attention will be paid on broader implementation into the practice the use of LARC: IUD insertion during the abortion.
  2. To ensure contraceptives supply and access to post abortion family planning services to reach that 100 % of women are receiving good counselling services and are leaving the facilities with the chosen method of contraception.
  3. To increase the community awareness on the benefits of FP and demand for modern contraceptives.


Activities under the Objective 1

  • Conducting the workshop with stakeholders to share the Moldova experience on PAC including FP.
  • Capacity building of service providers from all medical institutions that offer abortion care from the region on quality PAC, FP counselling and contraceptive provision, according to WHO recommendations.
  • Development of the protocols on family planning methods, based on WHO recommendations.

Activities under the Objective 2

  • Ensuring all medical institutions providing abortion care with modern contraceptives.
  • Development of the mechanism of ensuring the commodities supply for women after the abortion by re-directing a part of the money, obtained from provided services offered against the fee to procure contraceptives for women from the vulnerable groups.

Activities under the Objective 3

  • Development and promotion of the printed information about the modern methods of contraception, the importance  and benefits of the use of contraception.
  • Organization of radio and TV broadcasts on family planning and modern methods of contraception.
  • Development and promotion of the on-line information (Web, Facebook, Twitter, etc) on modern methods of contraception, including an interactive forum to answer the  population’s questions  about contraception.
  • Conduct the dissemination workshop to present the project outcomes.