Services and rates

Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services:

  • Family planning, preparation for pregnancy;
  • Counseling on healthy pregnancy;
  • Infertility counseling;
  • Preparation for childbirth;
  • Problems during pregnancy: infections, fetal retardation, etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, candidiasis;
  • Ultrasound diagnostics;
  • Modern methods of prevention of unwanted pregnancy; contraception;
  • Medical treatment of frozen pregnancy and miscarriage;
  • Unwanted pregnancy: safe methods of termination: medication, manual vacuum aspiration;
  • Cervical cancer prevention, cytology;
  • Counseling and treatment of menopausal symptoms;
  • And much more


Consultation, Rodica Comendant,
Obstetrician – gynecologist, superior category,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, University Lecturer, USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu”
International expert in reproductive health
450 lei
Consultation, Rodica Comendant, in English 500 lei
Consultation, Elena Lupan,
Obstetrician-gynecologist, superior category
350 lei
Medical abortion. “All inclusive” package:
– doctor’s counselling + ultrasound diagnosis
– pills of the highest quality,
– the possibility to contact the doctor when needed,
– check-up + ultrasound diagnosis
2200 lei
Medical abortion through telemedicine:
– remote doctor counselling
– the highest quality pills
– parcel delivery
– possibility to contact the doctor when needed
1800 lei
Medical abortion:
– doctor’s counselling
– the highest quality pills
1600 lei
Gynecologist check-up after medical abortion 300 lei
Diagnostic ultrasound 350 lei
Intrauterine device insertion (IUD included) 550 lei
IUD removal 400 lei
Vaginal flora smear 120 lei
Babesch-Papanicolaou cervical-vaginal cytology (in liquid medium) 420 lei