Post abortion period, contraception

The majority of women can return to normal activity immediately following abortion.

After abortion, symptoms of being pregnant should immediately disappear, but the pregnancy test will remain positive for about 4 weeks.

For the first 2 weeks following abortion, it is normal to have pain and spasms in the lower abdomen, which can be managed with ibuprofen.

You may have slight bleeding, similar to menstrual bleeding for a few days to a few weeks following the abortion.

It is not recommended that you use tampons following the abortion – it is better to use pads.

Normal menstruation should return within the normal interval of days, though it may be delayed by a few weeks.

You can return to your provider at any time following the abortion.

You should immediately seek medical help if:

  1. You have strong pain in your abdomen
  2. You have fever 38 C, chills
  3. You have heavy bleeding – large blood clots are eliminated and you used 2-3 pads per hour for 2 or more consecutive hours
  4. You have purulent and foul smelling vaginal discharge
  5. You have weakness, you lost consciousness, or you have trouble breathing

Preventing unwanted pregnancy

You can become pregnant following abortion without experiencing your next menstrual cycle. That being said, it is very important that you use a modern contraceptive method. Today there are a variety of conraceptive methods available. Choosing one can sometimes be difficult.


HERE you will fiind more detailed information about all the methods of contraception.

See the below information to determine when you can begin using each family planning method following abortion.



When can it be started?
MVA Medical abortion
Hormonal contraception:
Combined oral contraception
Injectible contraception
Intrauterine device with hormons
Immediately Immediately
Intrauterine device It can be introduced during the procedure or at the first menstruation following abortion During the follow-up vizit
Condom Immediately, but the efficacy is low. Immediately, but the efficacy is low.
Spermicide Immediately, but the efficacy is low. Immediately, but the efficacy is low.
Calendar method After 3 menstrual cycles, but the efficacy is low. Immediately, but the efficacy is low.
Coitus intreruptus Not recommended Not recommended
Sterilization Requires time for making the decision.