Not a single contraception method offers 100% coverage! Thus, at times women must choose abortion.

In the case of an unwanted pregnancyseek help as soon as possible!

An abortion performed using a safe method, at an early pregnancy term, does not leave or very rarely leaves consequences affecting reproductive health. With every week that passes, the risks increase.

About your rights: In Moldova, abortion is permitted by law. Abortion is permitted at request until 12 weeks. From 12 to 21 weeks there is a list of medical and social indications for abortion, which are established by the family doctor.

You have the right to freely make decisions related to your reproduction, confidentiality, and respect.

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or misinformed!

You have the right to consultation: the doctor is responsible for offering information related to the following:

  • What abortion method will be used; refuse curettage!
  • What sensations you could have during and after the procedure
  • The duration of the procedure and when you can leave the healthcare facility
  • Pain reduction, advantages of local anesthesia, general anesthesia and its risks
  • The effectiveness and risks of the respective method
  • How to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy following abortion

If you are considered part of any socially vulnerable group, including if you are an adolescent, you have the right to a free abortion, but you will need to be referred by your family doctor.

You have the right to safe and effective abortion methods recommended by the World Health Organization, which are available in our country: Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) or Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) and Medical Abortion.

Safe abortion methods

Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) – During the procedure, the uterine contents are suctioned using a manual vacuum and plastic cannulas. It is performed up to 12 weeks.

Medical Abortion – Abortion is induced with special medications, without surgical intervention, and is recommended up to 9 weeks pregnancy in Moldova but recommended by WHO up to 12 weeks.

The efficacy of abortion via MVA is 98-99%. The efficacy of medical abortion is 92-98%.

Complications are very rare in both cases.

Unsafe methods

Dilation and curettage (D&C) – this method involves scrapping away at the walls of the uterus with sharp metal instrument that can cause complications and consequences that negatively affect your reproductive health. Refuse D&C!

You have the right to choose the method of anesthesia when receiving an abortion via MVA: local anesthesia with lidocaine is much safer than general anesthesia (intravenous), which can be risky.

After the procedure: After the abortion, you can return to your regular activity immediately. You may have some slight pain in your lower abdomen and slight bleeding for a few weeks, much like mensruation.

You can return to sexual activity once you feel well. ATTENTION: 10-12 days after the abortion, you can once again become pregnant. Use a modern method of contraception.

Warning signs: If you use 2-3 menstrual pads per hour for 2-3 hours following the abortion, you have fever, you have lost consciousness, or you have strong pain in the abdominal region, contact your provider immediately, or access emergency medical services by calling 112!

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